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    The modern-day language barriers

    With thousands of children exposed to an unhealthy amount of screen time, most are suffering from unwarranted cases of depression, language distortion, aggressive behaviour, and even developing harmful personalities — those that lack empathy and social intelligence.

    Musammat Sharmila Khan, a working lady and a mother of three, already has a lot on her plate. She finds it even more taxing to find individual time for all her children on a daily basis and also go through the household chores at the same time. "I sometimes think gadgets are the ultimate saviour. If it weren't for these miraculous smart gadgets, I wouldn't be able to keep my sanity intact,'' Khan confessed.

    However, a deeper probe reveals problems within Khan's home — her youngest is too dependent on the internet and has to listen to nursery rhymes during every meal; the middle child is no different, a 10-year-old boy who prefers to play online games rather than socialise with neighbourhood children over a game of football; and the eldest, a teenager who wakes up late in the morning because he loves listening to music on his phone all night. The teenager also gets upset at the slightest trigger that attempts to break his unhealthy cycle of everyday life.

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