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    City Bank joins growing list of lenders issuing international debit card

    Debit cards are the happy medium between credit cards and cash -- one gets the convenience of carrying a card without the risk of running up debt as they limit spending to what is available in one's current account.

    And not only that, one simply does not have to worry about the drag of late fees, annual fees and interest charge and the possibility of theft.

    If the card is reported missing right after the incident, the bank will straightaway cancel it so nobody would be able to use the card.

    Having a debit card in one's pocket also means one does not have to stand in a queue in a bank branch to withdraw cash; he/she can simply stop by the nearest automated teller machine and take out as much as need.

    And while at the cashpoint, one can get a mini statement or do a balance inquiry.

    In Bangladesh, almost all banks issue debit cards, mostly of Visa and MasterCard, meaning they come with most of the perks of owning a credit card.

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