Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls
Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls
Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls
Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls
Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls

Hottest Formula 1 Grid Girls

Formula 1 is one of the world's most glamorous sports, fast cars, adrenaline, style, fashion, parties, status, money and, of course, hot grilles and paddle girls remind me when we talk about Formula 1 motorsport. every racing weekend you'll see some hot girls in and around Form 1 network and paddock and today we'll take a look at some of the most beautiful ladies we've seen over time

Malaysia Formula 1 Grid Girls:

One of the first few races of the season and since its in Malaysia which has diversed culture, race promoters go with a safe deal as girls wear classic dressed unlike revealing stuff F1 ladies wear in european or american grand prixs.

Pilar Rubio vs Sergio Ramos


Australian Formula 1 Grid Girls:

Aussie grand prix is traditionally the first GP of the season and in 2015 we had some nice looking ladies on the grid in very elegant white/green not so revealing dresses.

Sam Cooke vs Chris Smalling

Katie Price

The model formerly known as Jordan began her career as a page 3 model in The Sun newspaper. It was during these fledgling years of her career in the late 90s that Price worked as a grid girl.

She worked the grid at the Spanish Grand Prix in 1998 and this job would act as a spring board to help Price build her own brand.

Since then she has gone on to write her own books, release her own perfume, launch a hit music single and start her own clothing brand, amongst many other business ventures.

Lena vs Julian Draxler

Bridget Lee

Lee might not have gone on to have the careers of other women on this list but she is a pioneer in her own right.

Motor racing has always struggled to take off in the US outside of Indy Car but Lee’s charisma and good looks caught the attention of motor racing fans when she was a grid girl at the 2007 USA Grand Prix.

She proved to other US models that a lucrative career can be found in F1 and that American models do not have to resign themselves to being pigeon-holed in other sports.

Mazda Magui vs Mamadou Sakho